Hello, my name is

Stefan Zihlmann

IT & Electrical Engineering,
ETH Zürich

About me

A passionate individual currently navigating the realms of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich.

ETH student with a passion for technology

I am Stefan Zihlmann, an ETH Zurich student with a passion for technology, blending technical prowess in IT and Electrical Engineering with leadership roles in politics, committed to continuous learning and positive impact.

I engage in diverse projects, from innovative AI-based initiatives like Human Detection for quadrupedal robots to contributing to the socio-political landscape. Proficient in coding languages such as C++ and Python, I leverage my skills in dynamic professional environments, evident in my roles as an Elected Auditor and in Cloud-based Product Management. Fluent in German and English, and with a keen interest in languages, I strive for effective cross-cultural communication. This journey reflects my holistic approach, where the intersection of technology, leadership, and societal impact fuels my drive for excellence.


Embedded C

My Experience


ETH Zürich

Ai-based human detection and avoidance

- Enhanced dynamic obstacle avoidance for a quadrupedal robot by integrating AI-based human detection and tracking capabilities
(Python, Linux, Git, Bash, VS Code, XML)
- Tuned positioning estimation of walking people using the Robot Operating System
- Implemented a qualifying benchmark for testing-purposes
(Python, Numpy, Pandas)

2022 - 2023

Dormakaba AG

Cloud-based Product Management

- Actively improved a future-oriented, cloud-based access control solution in agile product management
(SAFe 5, Confluence, Scrum)
- Performed Quality Assurance by agile acceptance testing, reporting defects and reviewing documentation
(Jira, SCHEMA ST4)
- Enhanced UX by authoring effective and dedicated features
(Kanban, Jira)

2021 - today

ETH Zürich

IT & Electrical Engineering, ETH Zürich

At ETH Zurich, I'm immersed in a dynamic academic journey, specializing in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. Through hands-on projects, I'm honing my technical skills and staying at the forefront of evolving technologies, contributing to the vibrant tech community at ETH.